Donors & Partners

Sandra L. Smith., MSW: Ordained Minister, Grass Root Organizer (20 Years), Social Worker, Re-Entry Advocate, HIV/AIDS Services, Teacher.

Together, we have brought together formerly incarcerated females., social workers, lawyers, health care professionals, public health workers, non-profit agencies, and community organizers with years of experience in the areas of Hunger, Poverty, HIV/AIDS, Life Skill Counseling, Criminal Justice, Corrections, Civil and Human Rights, to tackle the challenges facing formerly incarcerated females, and the issues of Mass Incarceration  

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To The Hurricane Harvey Donors

THE RE-ENTRY CONNECTION INC, would like to thank the following organizations and individuals who contributed to our first emergency relief mission; Hurricane Harvey 2017.

  • Georgia Citizens Coalition on Hunger
  • Coupled in Christ- Ben Hill United Methodist Church
  • Warren Memorial United Methodist Church
  • Discover a New Beginning., Inc
  • The Legacy Apartments (College Park, GA)

To all of our friends, and community partners who continue to support the work we do... Thank you and God Bless